Fire Cloak Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets

Designed to contain Electric and Hybrid Vehicle fires, the EV Car Fire Blanket has been developed after many months of research and development.

The most common form of fire in electric or hybrid vehicles is when the high energy battery is damaged, or a manufacturing fault results in a short circuit. The battery can then go into “Thermal Runaway”, this is a phenomenon where damaged cells heat up rapidly to such an extent that a fire starts. The fire then compromises adjoining cells and a “domino effect” occurs spreading to the whole battery array.

Thermal Runaway fires cannot be extinguished by conventional means!

The electrolyte in a Lithium-Ion battery usually contains hydrocarbon solvents which fuels the fire. If unchecked extremely high temperatures can result.

Utilising an EV Car Fire Blanket minimises the combustion potential by depriving the fire of Oxygen. This inhibits the fire and consequently temperatures drop rapidly, reducing potential damage to surrounding vehicles and property.

The EV Car Fire Blanket can be deployed easily by two people and is supplied in a convenient storage holdall for protection and ease of transport.