Earlier this Month, firefighters and hazmat crews in Phoenix were called to simultaneous electric vehicle fires. A Chevy Bolt that was being repaired at Manheim Auto Auction spontaneously caught fire. The car was removed from the shop and placed into a large dumpster and submerged in wet sand and water. This dumpiest will be monitored for a month to ensure that the vehicle does not reignite. It took approximately 50-60 firefighters to responded to these two calls. According to Captain Todd Keller of the Phoenix Fire Department, “It does take a lot of firefighters just to get something like this done. These things are a lot of energy stored in a small amount of space … (EVs) in a tenth of a second can go from zero degrees to 1,200 degrees.” The second fire occurred at a Waymo Facility, no one was injured and no damage to other vehicles occurred. It is unclear how that fire started.

In February of 2023 a Tesla caught fire after running into a building in Scottsdale, and then reignited several hours later while being towed.  EV Fires are being discussed as a hot topic right now. While they still do not happen as often as ICE fires, they are much more difficult to control and contain. This is where the Fire Cloak USA comes in. Our EV Fire Blanket is unique in that it contains the fire and then cools the vehicle. In a demonstration earlier this year, Fire Cloak USA dropped the temperature of an EV fire almost 900 degrees in just 45 seconds!

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