One of our long-term automotive clients who has purchased several of our Fire Cloak™ electric vehicle fire blankets in various sizes for their dealerships, sent us these photos to specifically highlight how they are using our 8m x 6m Fire Cloak™ electric vehicle fire blanket in their workshop.

When using a Thermal Imaging Camera to take the temperature of an electric vehicle that had arrived in the workshop as part of the standard practice safety assessment, the technician noticed that the temperature of the car’s battery was elevated. So, as a precautionary health and safety measure, he placed the Fire Cloak™ over the vehicle immediately.

Fortunately, all was fine, and the temperature returned to normal after a short period of time.

Explains Matt Butcher, sales and marketing manager for Prosol UK: “This is a perfect example of how a valued client is utilising two complementary products to ensure a safe working environment all round for staff and customers alike.”