A Tesla caught fire twice in one day after it hit a building in the city of Scottsdale in Arizona reports Arizona’s Family.

At around 8am, witnesses saw the driver of the electric vehicle (EV) hit the accelerator rather than the brake pedal and smash into the building on Cactus Road. Several people stopped to help the driver get out of the Tesla and, less than a minute after the crash happened, the EV went up in flames.

The drama didn’t end there as the Tesla caught fire for the second time that day as fire crews responded to a fire around two miles from the initial fire. Whilst being towed, and close to a busy intersection, the electric vehicle had reignited.

Traffic disruption ensued for several hours as drivers were diverted away from the scene having to take a longer route around the incident. Delays caused by the second fire also impacted on local shopping centres.

Commenting on the double fire, Matt Butcher, sales & marketing director at Prosol UK said: “We’ve seen several electric vehicles catch fire on the back of tow trucks recently putting not only the recovery vehicle driver at risk but also pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

“As a result of these recent fires, we’ve been speaking with a number of vehicle recovery operators about the potential for covering any electric vehicle that is recovered with a Fire Cloak Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket before it is loaded onto a tow truck.”

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