Why motor dealers need an electric vehicle fire blanket is a question we’re happy to answer here at Prosol UK. A motor dealership will typically have a high number of vehicles on site at any given time, and that number is increasingly made up of electric vehicles. This is why every motor dealer in the UK needs an electric vehicle fire blanket readily available.

Multiple electric vehicles will be delivered on a weekly basis and displayed in motor dealerships and, as such, the chances of an electric vehicle fire occurring are increased due to these rising volumes.

Electric vehicle fire damage
As well as being parked outside on the forecourt, electric vehicles will be present inside the showroom of the dealership and also in the workshop areas with trained technicians carrying out repairs or servicing. And the damage that an electric vehicle fire could potentially cause in any of these settings should never be underestimated. Here’s why motor dealers need an electric vehicle fire blanket.

Most electric vehicle fires occur following damage to the battery or factory fault with the battery. It is almost impossible to know if a battery has been damaged but if a fire does occur as a result and thermal runaway is achieved, collateral damage from just one electric vehicle fire can be catastrophic for a motor dealer.

Not only can the fire cause sparks and small explosions during thermal runaway which could set other vehicles alight, the highly toxic smoke and fumes from a burning vehicle can be fatal to humans.

Using an electric vehicle fire blanket in a motor dealership
If you suspect that an electric vehicle in your dealership has a damaged battery or you see smoke coming from an EV, as well as immediately calling the emergency services, an electric vehicle fire blanket can be deployed immediately to contain any potential fire and mitigate any injury or damage.

An EV fire blanket will starve any EV fire of oxygen, reduce the temperature and inhibit it spreading to surrounding vehicles and property. The fire can then be addressed by professional firefighters with specialist knowledge and experience in controlling and extinguishing electric vehicle fires.

An essential health & safety equipment addition
Every motor dealer needs at least one electric vehicle fire blanket in the event of an electric vehicle fire occurring anywhere within the dealership. With the high numbers of electric vehicles and people on site at any given time, an electric car fire blanket is an essential item of EV equipment to add to your health & safety portfolio.